Ammonyaa’s Commission info

All information provided in the following:


♥︎Payments are only accepted in USD.♥︎Client MUST be 13+ in order to commission.♥︎Payment accepted in primarily PayPal, but i will accept CashApp♥︎Payment is required before artwork is begun.♥︎Any commission $40+ is allowed to pay in 2 portions. artwork will not be fully completed until paid in full.♥︎All work must be for personal use and non profit or distributing purpose, unless i am told in advance as the process is different.♥︎Album covers/ CD designs/ other distributive items are accepted but the process is more complex. There is an initial payment for the art itself, but you can release as many copies of the media as you wish. Please DM me for more info, as pricing is a bit different.♥︎Refunds are allowed ONLY if i have not progressed on the piece passed the line-art.♥︎Art may be reposted on social platforms if proper credit is given.


♥︎ i have the right to refuse a commission if i feel it is necessary.♥︎ My turnaround time is typically less than 1 week, but i might occasionally stretch to 2 weeks. Client will be notified of any holdups.♥︎ i will draw pretty much anything, but there might be some experimental styling if there are no precious examples on my page of something similar.♥︎ i am able to work off of an image or a written description.♥︎ i will NOT draw straight up NSFW, but i will allow light suggestive/mild artistic nudity. Please DM me for more info if needed.♥︎ Art can be done on either Procreate (higher quality), or MSPaint. Please note that there is a quality difference between these two. All commissions will be assumed to be drawn on Procreate unless you state otherwise.♥︎ You may request specific styles for my art as i am very flexible, just provide me with information and references.♥︎ All completed pieces will be emailed to the client.♥︎ Please check my up to date commission status via my instagram highlight titled “commission”.♥︎ if you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me on any of my social platforms (linked in LINKTREE)

physical art commissions

♥︎ i accept painted SLAPS commissions which are done on postal stickers.♥︎ PRICING: 1 for $10, 4 for $30, 8 for $50♥︎ Please find examples on my instagram “commission” highlight.♥︎ Shipping is free in the USA, $4 international.♥︎ i do not currently offer any more physical art commissions, if there are any changes, i will announce on my instagram story.

Fursuit commission info

♥︎ As of now, fursuit commissions are CLOSED. i am still adapting to this new type of commission, please be patient.♥︎ Anyone who is interested in a fursuit commission must message me for further information.♥︎ You must be at least 16+ to contact me for fursuit inquiries, i will not work with anyone younger than that for custom fursuits.♥︎ Though fursuit commissions are closed, my quotes are open. Please only contact me for a quote if you are seriously interested.♥︎ My current fursuit portfolio is limited right now, but i will work on adding to my examples as i continue to work on more fursuits.♥︎ Current examples can be found on my “commission” highlight on instagram.

Art Commission Pricing

♥︎ As of right now, i do not have an official price sheet, i have pricing open to the client for the most part.
(very professional i know(sarcastic))
♥︎ if requested, i can give a price estimate that can be flexible.♥︎ MSPaint art usually runs less than procreate art.♥︎ i am very flexible with everything, so please don’t feel bad for giving me an offer, though i would say minimum amount is $10.

Thank you♥︎